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{{user yayfads}} {{user US}}
{{user yayfads}} {{user US}}
{{user spinnaz}} {{user anti|downvoters|[[image:tryagain.jpg|30px]]}}
{{user spinnaz}} {{user anti|downvoters|[[image:tryagain.jpg|30px]]}}
{{user connery}} {{user Roxbury}}

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Date of first site
Michael Jackson in Jail, created March 5, 2006
March 5, 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ***
...as of Jan. 8, 2007
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Prairiedogeric10 is a YTMND user and is the creator of the first of the BINGO fads. I was first introduced to YTMND in early December of 2005. I officially became a member on March 5, 2006 and started making my own sites.

Prairiedogeric10's Top 10 *FAV!* users

Prairiedogeric10's Top 10 *FAV!* sites

Male45.jpg This user is Male.
Userbox06er.jpg This user joined YTMND in 2006.
Fairvoter45.gif This user does his/her best to vote fairly.
Sfwzimmer.jpg You're gonna like the way you look. This user guarantees it.
Yayfads45.jpg This user believes Fads on YTMND are a good thing.
US45.jpg This user is American
Tryagain.jpg Thumbsdown.jpg</big> This user has had enough with downvoters on YTMND.

Dog45.jpg This user is the man now, dog!
Roxburydudes.gif This user knows what love is.

A special thank you to Ozone31 for helping me get started with this page!