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January 01, 2006
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NARV is an acronym for New Age Retarded Voter. At the beginning of 2006, YTMND found itself prospering more and more in the public eye, with a number of sites gaining notoriety in the press and blogosphere. With this rise in popularity came an influx of new, inexperienced users. Of these, the stupidest were labeled NARV, first by a discreet group of senior YTMNDers. Although NARV-like behavior has always existed on YTMND, its influence is now much more strongly felt and the term has fallen into increasingly widespread use.


NARVs are characterized by a minimal understanding of YTMND history, culture, or the artifacts that define the tone of YTMND, and exhibit no desire to learn them. Some have stated that the primary result of emerging NARVism is the increase of highly-ranked poorly-made sites that would have never reached popularity even in YTMND's recent past.

Voting habits

Many NARVs will vote exclusively * or *****, with uninformed justifications often accompanying either category of vote. NARVs often view the rating system as a way to make people feel better or, more recently, control the rank of YTMNDs on the front page, rather than as a quasi-objective method of ranking YTMNDs.

Site creation

Although the name NARV refers to voting, it is not limited to that. NARVs that do create YTMNDs often do so with minimal effort. NARV YTMND creation can be observed when a new original YTMND is posted and within minutes, fad music is added and knock-off Ridin Spinnaz/You Spin Me Right Round, Wonderful Time, Break my Stride, Epic Maneuver or Move Bitch YTMNDs of the same GIF are released.

A similar tactic is often employed utilizing GIFs from long-standing classic YTMNDs and pairing them with unrelated fad music. To make matters worse, these uninspired couplings often fail to utilize Google or YTMND's search feature to verify if their created site has already been issued by another NARV. NARVs often do not cite source material of their creations.

Bottom feeding

As described above, NARVs often create fad sites employing minimal effort. NARV sites often cluster around a small group of fads which some view as being overdone. (Primary examples include Best Day Ever, Myspace Suicide, and Epic Maneuver).

See Narv Fads for full listing of NARVish fads.

Other types of sites that are considered to be of NARV nature includes:

  • Screen shots of news stories with no alterations, notably Dick Cheney's Hunting mishap and Pluto's downgrading from a planet. Conversely, "lol", "pwned", etc. is added in blurry red letters
  • Gloating of raids of other websites (this includes "Forum Registration Disabled" sites, which tend to appear after a forum raid)
  • In-Jokes

It should be known that some of these fads will have good sites, but the majority that are created often lacks effort.

Overuse of music

NARVs often employ the most frequently-used YTMND music. Prominent examples include:

Criticisms of NARV as a concept

The concept of NARV-like behavior is in no way new to YTMND. Some have accused those employing the term of elitism, charging that theft of content, unoriginality, and rote reprocessing of existing content is responsible for much of the popularity of many classic YTMNDs and YTMND itself. Some have voiced the opinion that such behaviors were simply more widely tolerated in the past when the site was smaller. This argument follows that nearly all YTMNDs borrow content from other sources, and that many respected YTMNDers meet the criteria put forth in this article, and as such, the criteria simply discriminates against new users. Creative interpretation of old fads remains a respected form of creating new YTMNDs, and some feel that classifying some adherents to this technique NARVs while letting others pass based on subjective criteria unfair. Another argument put forth is that NARVs are a construction of YTMND's current "front page" voting culture, and as such, the lack of a more constructive and creativity-oriented method of evaluating YTMNDs is as equally to blame as the so-called NARVs themselves.


Although NARV-like behavior has been apparent on YTMND, first openly manifesting around such fads as Ualuealuealeuale and Ridin' Spinnaz, NARVs have constituted an increasingly larger proportion of the YTMND user base. NARVs have justified each others crass stealing of well known humorous images from a small number of websites, be it YTMND (see Parasite), 4chan, b3ta, or SomethingAwful. Due to a proportionally smaller number of users willing to openly downvote or point out site theft for fear of being "e-venged", NARVism has flourished and constitutes a threat to the viability of YTMND. Indeed, the NARV effect is not unique to YTMND. It been observed in other voting-based websites, such as YouTube.

Care in use of the term

Recently, some users have begun describing any user they dislike, downvoters, eBaum's World sympathizers, or those who are generally disliked as NARVs. Many use the term simply to describe any user who they feel is ruining the website. Some who originated and helped popularize the term have urged the community to utilize the term only with the utmost discretion, verifying carefully that potential NARVs are evaluated against the criteria listed on this wiki entry. In fact the terms' originators have come to de-emphasize the fad elements and concentrate more on criticisms against split voters.

Anti-NARV sites

Offenders/Prominent NARVs

# User NARV level Crimes Against YTMND
01 vex5 Critical AOTS contest runnerup with stolen material; posts stolen material; resubmits to make top 15, then downvotes all other sites on the up-and-coming list so he can make the top 15.
02 FanaticallyInsane666 Stable Posts stolen material.
03 deepbluevibes Stable Votes either 1 or 5, almost all his sites are NSFW.
04 Keyblademaster99 Critical Downvotes all Classic style YTMNDs, but has yet to make a YTMND.
05 BananaClock Critical Fond of the "Van Damme dancing" GIF, which has been posted over 100 times before.
06 BubbytheTourG Hopeless Update - split voter, uses NARV term improperly to accuse others despite being one, tried to remove himself from this wiki in anger, troll
07 likeakiller Critical True NARV, by title definition.
08 Tal27 Critical Split voter, even upvotes sites without sound; e-venges.
09 scorpkris Caution Puts other GIFs to the new NARV fad music; makes screenshot YTMNDs.
10 sboss Critical NARV voter; NARV site maker; revenge voter.
11 Acidrainman Hopeless 100% NARV.
12 zalbane Critical Entirely split voter, WoW YTMNDs.
13 WTL Stable Split voter.
14 SenatorZuul Stable Loves all crappy fads; a "bad" upvoter; admits to e-venging.
15 Dallin Critical It's amazingly obvious.
16 nathanfat37 Critical E-venger; relentless nag; dead fad whore.
17 NARV ?????? is this a parody gimmick account or a celebration of NARVdom? stay tuned.
18 redhex Critical Split voter; relentless nag.
19 Lambon Critical Split voter; genuine dumbass; loves "fuck you" posts.
20 Ziggah Critical Picking up on a theme here?
21 chimp-toaster Critical ...because you should.
22 rawr Caution Homophobic, jingoistic, evenging junior high reject. Can't spell the word "hamster," but loves to insult people anyway.
23 yourpenis Hopeless A NARV that calls other users NARVs.
24 EmoFTW Critical Split voter; has never even 3'd or 4'd.
25 JazRad Caution Split voter; CRAPTMND enjoyer.
26 blizzard Hopeless Lacks sense of humor; mass downvotes non-WoW sites; posts links to viruses in comment pages.
27 st00pid-n00b Hopeless Only votes * and *****; downvotes sites that clearly don't deserve it.
28 jimtownresident Hopeless Massive split voter; votes on whether or not he likes the movie the GIF is recorded from.
29 galaxhood Hopeless Big time split voter; upvotes crap and downvotes good sites.
30 dunesw64 Caution General troll; e-venger; split voter.
31 SIZK Stable Big split voter, but somewhat new user; wait and see.
32 spatan117 Caution Not entirely split voter, but downvotes often (and has the nerve to whine about downvoting).
33 falco1234 Critical Split voter; repetitive "gay" styled comments.
34 Kratos222 Caution Split voter; obsessed with penis pumps and advertising IRC channels that no-one could possibly care less about.
35 K7 Hopeless Split voter; one of the original NARVs; makes alternate accounts (now known as downvoter/attention whore ZEROEVILDARKCOOL).
36 koning Hopeless Makes screenshot YTMNDs and NARV YTMNDs; split voter.
37 lambon Stable Split voter; mildly annoying commenter (usually either a "lol" or "fuck you").
38 KingD Hopeless Split voter, e-venges everyone who gives him a 1 and 5s everything else. Posts stolen and very old material.
39 eric5150 Critical split voter and aware of it, anti-proper citing of image and sound
40 heybombguy Critical Uses YTMND as an image-hosting site, makes tons of personal YTMNDs, revenge downvoter, has multiple alts for downvoting. All sites are total crap.
41 philibuster Critical split voter, openly admits to downvoting or upvoting based on who made it (anti-syncan, etc)
42 Lillian Critical split voter, fave sites are eon8, nip slips, also leaves repetitive attention whore comments
43 fetusdoctor Critical thousands of votes and still almost completely split voter
44 Torchy Critical thousands of votes and still almost completely split voter
45 Valawrath Critical Split voter
46 Stu22 Caution Split Voter
47 explosivofueled Caution Split Voter
48 whitepower89 Hopeless Ytmnd abuser, sends angry pm's, split voter, the worst you name it
49 TRQ Hopeless Almost 100% split voter,e-venger, all sites consist of images stolen from mass media sites
50 Patriotic Critical Completely split voter
51 leetsauce Critical Almost completely split voter
52 wok7 Hopeless Split voter.
53 MuffinBear Critical E-venger.
54 AquaX Hopeless Split voter, e-venger, belligerent spammer, and an overall asshole. Avoid at all costs.
55 Mee Hopeless Completely split voter, troll, spams sites for no reason to piss people off, downvotes but hasn't created any sites of his own, posts viruses in private messages.
56 MistahKennedy Hopeless Split voter, troll, horribly obsessed with wrestling, doesn't get irony/sarcasm as evidenced by (too dumb a site to actually link to), and he is pretty gay.
57 robo-cock Critical 100% split voter
58 stayelusive Critical Split voter
59 BIGDICK Critical Split voter. Currently an account labeled "BIGDICK2" spams the comment section of various sites providing a link to BIGDICK. BIGDICK denies ties to the BIGDICK2 account.
60 BIGDICK2 Critical Split voter. Possibly a troll account posting comments in all caps providing a link to BIGDICK.
61 lolnader Stable Split voter.
62 [1] Caution Split voter.
62 firesbh Caution Split voter.