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Original YTMND:
furries fail at life  
by kingawesome 
May 1, 2004  
Worthy spinoffs:
Used Music:

Fail or "Fails at Life" is a fad that depicts various instances of failure accompanied by The Price is Right's losing horns. Images used for fail sites are usually static, and they often consist of either pictures imported from other websites or printscreened images with MS Paint captions. The "fails at life" concept did not originate with YTMND, but much like the emo fad, it caught on quickly and adopted a unique take on the subject.

The original site showed a person cosplaying as Cloud Strife, but the site was deleted in 2005 when accounts were deleted for upvoting/downvoting. After the original fail site, many followed at a high rate. Part of the appeal is likely due to the ease with which one can create a fail site. Early sites tend to follow a specific formula of "x fails at life", but later sites tend to apply the broader formula of "x fails at y".

While many sites with "fail" in the title use the Price is Right horns, there are also many that choose their own audio, typically more related to the topic of the site (though some sites will still use the fail horns at the end). Conversely, there are many sites without "fail" in the title that use the fail horns; these have more of an implied fail and are typically designed so that the viewer won't know it's a fail site before viewing it, such as this one. One of the most famous and innovative uses of the fail sound is in HTTP 404 MAN NOT FOUND (DOG).

Most sites that use the fail music are considered to be of poor quality. To reflect this, some ytmnd users have created sites that parody "fails at life".

External Links

FAIL Blog: A collection of various fails. You have to provide your own music, though.