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"I'm going to be honest with you. I like this wiki and don't actually want to inspect it because I know that if I do, it will get a check minus. Here's the deal. I'm giving you one more chance, so that I can state the terms of my ultimatum clearly. You have deleted a legitimate article because you were not up to the task of moderating it, as is your job. The List of Trolls is the product of the work of hundreds, over a 6 year period. Lacrossestar83 repeatedly removed SantabotAI, a legitimate entry, without reason. He doesn't like the List of Trolls and has said so many times. Unfortunately, it's not his personal wiki. I'm appalled that you took to deleting MY account, and the list page itself, for my action of restoring the content. Lacrossestar83 also vandalized the user pages of several users. He accused them of being "potential trolls" because there were no YTMND accounts under their names. That is not a rule. It if was, there would not be separate accounts for YTMND and the YTMND wiki. Lacrossestar83's actions are a violation of the wiki rule against public accusations. Starman2001 wrote to you about this and you brushed him off. Angelina Jolie vandalized a user page in the same way as Lacrossestar83, and you banned AngelinaJolie. Lacrossestar83 has a history of this type of behavior and continually receives special treatment. In his last altercation before this, he was banned for a week while the other user was banned outright. This will not stand. All I ask is that you restore the List of Trolls and treat Lacrossestar83 the way you treat everyone else. He knows the rules and you can't let him continue to remove content without reason, or vandalize user pages. That is all."

Hi. I'm Westing1992.

I read your "ultimatum" that you replaced my user page with. Normally, that's the type of thing I ban a user for life for. However, I try to be fair, so I'll address your greivances:

I try not to treat Lacrossestar83 differently from anyone else, and I don't believe I did so in this instance. I did not block AngelinaJolie because she "vandalized" someone's user page; I blocked her (aka him) because she was using the same IP address several other blocked users (As an administrator, I can check the IP address of any user and see what users use an IP address).

It's true that it's not a rule that a wiki user needs to have a YTMND account of the same name; this is why I blocked neither Obrant24 nor Starman2001. However, most of the time, wiki users with no matching YTMND account are either a spambot or some sort of troll. I actually mentioned to max that I thought that one should have a main account to have a wiki account for this reason.

Finally, about the List of Trolls: I'll admit that I'm not up to the task of moderating it. The problem is that I seem to be one of the few remaining YTMND users who still care mainly about the content of the site and not all the drama behind it. I don't care at all about Santabot, or the Moon Crew, or whatever, and I don't care about trolls outside of when they're vandalizing the wiki. And so, I don't know if Santabot should be on the list, or if any user should be on the list; the definition of a troll is vague, and there are way too many of them, and most of the information is iffy and out of date anyway. I don't know. Maybe it is a troll hall of fame, or maybe a place to defame other users, or maybe there are two conflicting groups of trolls pitted against each other. But I do know, if I was sorry about deleting that page, I stopped when multiple users blanked Lacrossestar's and mine user pages. That sort of behavior seems to indicate that more trolls are upset at the loss of that page that people actually against them.

--Westing1992 21:06, April 13, 2012 (CDT)