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I'm awesome, discuss! Belgianrofliron 10:23, July 1, 2006 (CDT)

you're awesome

Possibly, but don't edit the "Poland" wiki anymore, you don't know about the current trend enough to write a coherent article. Thank you for writing about the history of the original fad, which I will leave intact on the wiki, but that history no longer applies to the topic, as the sites are motivated by different reasons and are made in a very different way.
Also I agree entirely that wikipedia takes itself way too seriously, but that a wiki is perfect for a site that is less serious, just to get a bit of information spread around, not to be an empirical source on everything.
I suppose you responded about that last comment and I meant a wiki is perfect for a site such as YTMND, as it is less serious and pretentious.
Yeah, I simply meant that you should stop editing the Poland wiki, because you don't know enough about it. Just a simple request meant to protect an article I hold dearly.

Nope Im not

You could have went to my ytmnd "im having a wonderful time" to have checked.