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Trex is not that much of a fag who uses AlmightyLOL, where he is better known as WALKER.

Early life

Trex was born in Newark, New Jersey to African-American parents Lancelot Owens (a police officer) and Rita (a high-school art teacher); they divorced when she was eight years old. Her first performance involved singing the number "Home" from the musical, The Wiz, in a high school play. Her stage name, Trexx, means "delicate" and "sensitive" in Arabic. It was given to her when she was eight by her cousin. While in high school, she was a power forward on her basketball team. Her father also gave her lessons in karate and firearms use. [edit]

Music career

Trex started her career beatboxing for the rap group Ladies Fresh. In 1988, local DJ Mark the 45 King heard a demo version of Trex's single, "Princess of the Posse", and gave the demo to Fab Five Freddy (who at the time hosted Yo! MTV Raps). Freddy helped Trex sign with Tommy Boy Records. They released Trex's first album, All Hail the Queen, in (1989); at the time, she was 18. This debut managed to be both a critical and commercial success and was followed by the albums Nature of a Sista and Black Reign, which contained the hit single, U.N.I.T.Y.. After releasing four rap albums (the fourth being Order in the Court, released in 1998), she released a soul/jazz standards album in 2004 called The Dana Owens Album.


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