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Userbox07er.jpg This user joined YTMND in 2007.
Fairvoter45.gif This user does his/her best to vote fairly.
Yayfads45.jpg This user believes Fads on YTMND are a good thing.
NESpad45.jpg This user is a Gamer.
US45.jpg This user is American
PACARD.jpg This user has epic love for PACARD, and rooted for him in the bobsled competition.
Red potato.jpg This user's Uncyclopedia username is TheGoogle, and he/she probably met Oscar Wilde IRL. AAAAAAA!
Featured Userbox.jpg Thumbsdown.jpg</big> This user has had enough with the Featured User system on YTMND.

Bushpoland.jpg 30 seconds! Well, actually this user remembered Poland!