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April 13, 2006
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TheCuza is a 16-year old YTMND user who is not famous at all. He has made no major contributions to the site, lost the redirection contest, got molested by Brian Peppers 3 times on a moving roller coaster (twice more in the car on the way home), and wouldn't sponsor a site if you paid him to do it. He does love chicken though, so he can't be all bad.

Favourite Fads

Listed in no particular order...

TheCuza likes way more fads than listed above. He's just too lazy to name them all, and that's a good enough reason for him.

Life Accomplishments

  • He beat the Gamecube game "Tales of Symphonia" in a week (2 days according to the game clock). He is currently on his second playthrough of the game, and is saving his third playthrough for when he gets a Wii.
  • He saw "Snakes on a Plane" on its opening day.
  • He now showers regularly.
  • He is now hairier than his own father.
  • He created this article about himself.
  • Also cocks.

Future Goals

  • Make a high-rated YTMND that stays on the front page for at least a couple of days.
  • Start a fad on YTMND.
  • Become a DJ on PTKFGS Radio. (As soon as he can get it working.)
  • Create the PTKFGS Soundtrack.
  • Learn to drive.
  • Rule the world. (After Conan.)

Interesting Facts

  • Regularly uses "also cocks" as a non-sequitur in real life as well as on YTMND.
  • Has never set foot in the YTMND Forums
  • Wants a red suit.
  • Says "lol" in real life more often than on the internet.
  • Pronounces "lol" as "lawl", like in boomaga's Dramatic Reading.
  • Really likes chicken, as explained above.