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August 11th, 2005 (As previous accounts)
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About Me

Hey, i'm ShadowLaguna and I joined YTMND back in 2005 when my mate showed me the godly site. I am a gamer and I enjoy playing NINTENDO SIXTY FOUR (and other consoles)!!!!!!! Anything else to say right now? Nah not rly. I'll see ya round.

PS: Special thanks to Max Goldberg for he is the Man Now Dog.

Top 10 YTMND Fads

10. Punch the Keys for God's Sake (It started a whole new universe of fads.)

09. Sonic gives advice! (Kids, there's nothing more cool than putting this on the top 10 list!)

08. You Lose, Good Day Sir! (A classic line from the 1971 Willy Wonka, the 2005 remake sucks like sh*t!)

07. Bill Cosby (Pokemon with the Pokey and the Mon, another hilarious fad!)

06. Interpretation (I can't believe people can make other languages sound like English! :-S)

05. I believe you have my Stapler? (The funny voice, the funny character, a winner!)

04. Noooooooooooo! (Used in many YTMND sites and makes them hilarious!!)

03. Nintendo 64 Kid (Heh, it's a classic, I don't think i'll do crazy sh*t like that when I get my Wii! :-P)

02. Do a Barrel Roll (I'm not that much of a Starfox fan, but this fad can make heaps of hilarous sites!)

01. You're the Man Now Dog! (This is the Fad that started it all!)