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OMG secret nazi Smash Bros Brawl, created 11th May 2008
26th April 2008
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Avg. vote rate: **** of 12/08/2008
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Creator of the '08ers' category and userbox


Hey, everyones favourite noob here. I joined in April 08 and after making a few sites I became obsessed with this place. Then it got shit and I called it quits. Here is my life story:

Early days


I was introduced to ytmnd by GWSampy about a month before I became a user when he sent me random funny sites on msn. At first I thought it was just a few weird sites that some guy had made up until I found out there was a front page and this huge community of users that I had no idea about. So I started visiting the site out of my own interest and got familiar with the basic ins-and-outs. After a while I got that craving to get in on the whole thing and make my own site, so I made an account and made some shoddy "lol internet" parody using Back to the Future.

As a user around April/May I was a pretty huge noob. Most of my sites were based on old fads that no one seemed to like anymore and when people complained I got very hostile in my confusion. Though experienced in Photoshop I was still learning the basics of Animation Shop so my sites looked pretty scratchy. But I was still driven by the fun of making these sites. It was a great outlet for short random humour (even if noone was laughing lolololollololololoolol).

The sync fiasco

After a while I made my first "big" site that stayed on the up and coming for 5 days (Kaz tries to sell PS3 to some pirates) but some people were complaining that it was off-sync. This confused me because I had yet to realise that IE and Firefox play gifs at different speeds. I was also clueless on the fact that IE has a gif frame limit of 10fps. Then I made another site was very badly off-sync. I tried fixing it loads of times but it never worked. I just didn't understand how things worked properly and as time went on I continued to make bad synced sites (most of which got deleted) and even had a "one weakness" site made about me lol: RETROnoob has one weakness. Eventually I figured out the whole firefox IE sync thing after some people mentioned it and now my syncs are finally okay.

Brief obsession

Once my exams were over I found myself with alot of free time on my hands. My activity and subsiquent obsession with ytmnd grew as most of my life outside the site ground to a hault and I began chuckin out about 3-4 sites a day. Eventually I wore myself out and then took a break from the site for several weeks, returning refreshed and with less of a craving to make sites 24/7.

Me as a user

My usual stuff includes Back to the Future, Futurama, Nintendo, pixar stuff (mostly Toy Story) and general classic 80s movies. I also enjoy getting in on a good fad as some of you may know but I do some "original" material too lol. I like to think that I have an ability to make good sites now. I've been on the up and coming quite a few times since I joined though my consistancy in good sites is lacking somewhat. However I think I'm gradually learning what makes a good site, where my strengths lie and how to filter out bad ideas I get.

Generally I tend to vote kinda high on most sites (most would say because I'm new or whatever). I usually judge sites on how funny they are and on the quality of the editing (if any). I'm a sucker for moonman though and I'm not a fan of faggot PSA or wotever its called.

Most of my stuff is made on Pinnacle Studio 11, then converted into gif where I use Jasc Animation Shop 3 to get it synced and compressed to the 1.5mb mark. I also use Photoshop for some of my sites and edits.

The Featured Adventures of FEATUREDnoob

WTF I'm featured?!

On 22nd September 08, tehjugulator was commenting on a recent hanktherapper site recommending users to get featured. Shortly afterwards I got a PM from prairiedogeric10 telling me I was pink. At first I thought he was joking but then I checked and there I was, a featured user. I guess Max must have looked at my profile and thought I was worth featuring. But will I be able to prove myself as a worthy member of club pink??? Stay tuned...

First BIG site

After a month of being featured and 3 weeks without internet I made my first successful site as a featured user on November 6th (DOMAIN GRAB; to be updated 2015) which made it to the Up and Coming and Top Rated. After posting it at school and not being able to check on it until next day I was shocked that something I thought was 'okay' was at the top of the Up and Coming. I felt like a princess X))


On 16th December I was unfeatured for no reason but it didnt really matter coz Max had removed the featured section anyway.

Then I realised how shit YTMND has become THE END.

Other interests

I do some video editing and over at youtube where I do more back to the future parondies along with Drwho whenever the new series is on and spaz up old cartoons (ytp anyone?). Also, I make video games every now and then using "The Games Factory 2", usually done in the style of old atari or NES games coz it be RETRO(noob)!!!

Fav users

Everyone else has one so what the hell. In no particular order:













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