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Quiet-People-Rock (born March 5, 1987 in Oakland, California) is a member of YTMND. He joined the site on July 17, 2004. He is probably most well known for the site Are You Trying to Tell Me How to Do My Job!?, which is a Moderator Favorite. His earliest site currently on YTMND is Luke and Vader's Final Duel, which was created on September 28, 2004. He made several sites before that date, but they have since been deleted.

Other sites by Quiet-People-Rock include Pikachu Humping Boobs and Mario Goes to YTMND Battlefield, both of which, along with Are You Trying to Tell Me How to Do My Job!?, have over 100,000 views. He is also the creator of Vader With They Might Be Giants, a site in which the sound is updated every Saturday with a new They Might Be Giants song altered to sound somewhat as if Darth Vader were singing it.


  • Currently, his highest rated site is Spock Tries to Comprehend the Cake Song, with a rating of 4.23.
  • Currently, his lowest rated site is Bull Fighter, with a rating of 2.00.
  • Nightwish's Ghost Love score, featured on the YTMND soundtrack and used in the "I'm Serious about Tennis" sites, was first used in Quiet-People-Rock's Bowser Summons Boulder Spirits. The sound file for the first "Tennis" site was taken directly from the "Bowser" site.