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Userbox07er.jpg This user joined YTMND in 2007.
Fairvoter45.gif This user does his/her best to vote fairly.
Yayfads45.jpg This user believes Fads on YTMND are a good thing.
Lolinternet.gif lol,


Yesyes.png This user likes to scream out loud "Yes... YES!"
N64.jpg Oh my god! This user still plays the NINTENDO SIXTY FOUR!!!.
Roxburydudes.gif This user knows what love is.
Thepipesarebroken.gif You spin this user right round.
NESpad45.jpg This user is a Gamer.
Pokeyman.jpg What does this user like to play? POKEYMAN!
Male45.jpg This user is Male.
Netherlands45.jpg Deze gebruiker is Nederlands (net als Bergkamp). This user is Dutch (just like Bergkamp).