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Paulreubens sign picture for Sigge.
A self-photographed picture of Paulreubens displaying her beauty.
Paulreubens bears a resemblance to Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding
A candid and witty display of disdain captured on Stickam.
A cameo in an 80's music video

Early times posting

When Paulreubens first hit the stage on the YTMNSFW forums everybody just assumed she was a typical shitty, male poster and was ignored. Later, a YTMNSFW Forum member named adair phoned paulreuebens via skype and revealed she was, indeed, female.

Later it was announced that she had a Stickam page where many forum members flocked. Upon the posting of her picture on the YTMNSFW forums, a member named steveyos666 mentioned and perpetuated the myth that Paulreubens had a lazy eye, an ongoing joke which has resulted in more than a few ytmnd sites.

"bitch eye's is crooked, naw say forreal man" - steveyos666

Many YTMNSFW Forum members have had signs made by Paulreubens to lengthen their e-penis including Sigge, Jamlyfa, and Siburke.

Posting style controversy

Paulreubens posting style is similar enough to YTMNSFW Forum user Drunkpuppies to cause confusion and even controversy.

Run-on sentences with no regard for punctuation or spelling, Drunkpuppies forum posting style was almost identical to Paulreubens. In addition, some early threads with Paulreubens just included Drunkpuppies and her back and forth babble.

Suspicion was finally quelled when Paulreubens revealed herself once and for all on Stickam.

Unfortunate death

Paulreubens died on December 3rd, 2006 in an alcohol-related car accident. She is greatly missed by all of YTMND. Several sites were made on the day she died and in the week following to honor her memory.



Paulreubens trolled the YTMNSFW forums on December, 3rd, 2006 when she posted and announced that she wasn't dead. What a fucking bitch, but I still love her anyway. The trolling was set up none other than YTMNSFW forum's own Adair and Drunkpuppies, but they couldn't keep up with it because Adair's computer kept breaking.

Munky 17:28, December 3, 2006 (CST)

Popular Media

In the 1980s, Paulreubens had a small, but important part in A-Ha's "You Are The One" music video as Artemis Forum Superstar, one of her many aliases.

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