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June 16, 2005
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: **** of August 09, 2006
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My userpage :o
I'm just getting used to Wikipedia and the whole YTMND Wikipedia dealio
I've only had one YTMND ever reach number 1 and that was: Oh Ashlee.... :(
I helped finish the 'stares into your soul' YTMND Wiki because it was one of my more favorite fads, and I was bored one day: Stares into your soul
I play Counter Strike 1.6, so as you can see, most of my YTMND's are CS related and if you're not a gamer, then you won't get most if not all of my YTMND's :)
And yes that is really my ass in No Brian not NiTTYZ!
My gaming alias is NiTTYZ but a year ago it was Nitrous, so thats why I have a different WIKI and YTMND usernames
Max if you by any chance are viewing this, then please change my YTMND username to: NiTTYZ
Thanks <33
I'll update this page when I get more envolved with Wiki :O