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July 17, 2007
December 6, 1990
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Greetings, YTMNDers. My name is MrSinistar (real name: Maximilian <LAST NAME WITHHELD>) and I've been on YTMND for about 6 months now (as of Nov. 2007). Originally, my name was going to be Mr. Sinistar, which I've used on previous fourms, but YTMND wouldn't accept it, so it's now MrSinistar.

The first YTMND site I've ever seen was, and the first site I've ever made was

I am the creator of UHHHTMND, which involves Sam Kinison and his screaming antics.

I'm friends with dmaz, fourest, YourTheCoconutMan, Rafe, kepledon, kittyblender, filibuster, chronster, Kacen, Ochobobo and mik3m. Together, we form the "12 COOL GUYS FROM YTMND AND CHAT ON MSN!".

What I am currently doing

  • Working on "dm_ytmnd", a multiplayer map for Team Fortress 2
  • Working on getting my music noticed.
  • Working on more music for next album

My hobbies

I have many hobbies, many which include:

  • Making YTMNDs
  • Writing music in FL Studio
  • Making mods for video games (usually always backfire in my face at the end)
  • Playing video games
  • Playing piano
  • Making (or trying to make) movies
  • Watching movies (especially Sci-Fi, Action and Comedy)
  • Making CGI animations in Blender

I am also a very big fan of Tron and I am a proud member of the Tron-Sector forums. I also have a Tron YTMND which I am very proud of:

Tron is a Firestarter

I also write electronic dance music (my specialty is breakbeats) and I'm hoping for that "big break". To check out my music check out my SynaMax MySpace page. Here are all of my YTMND mixes that I have made so far:

Half-Life Pwns Conspiracists

This article was written for archival purposes

One site that I have made that has gain lots of controversy and site views was [1]. It's a prank call that was on a Conspiracy radio show called, "Coast to Coast AM". I love Portal and Half-Life and found this prank on the kick-ass Facepunch Studios forums, home to Garry's Mod (an awesome mod for Half-Life 2). I recorded the prank sound in Audacity (twice actually, as I still had my microphone plugged in and it recorded my girlish laugh while listening to the prank).

When I posted the site, I knew this was going to get lots of feedback, however, I didn't know it was going to sustain such a great rating. I got 1d from all of the featured users (which I didn't mind) and 5d from all of the gamers that visited YTMND. My friend chronster had to 1 it because it was in his opinion, a HTPAT site, which I somewhat agree with him.

Concerned ("freaking out" is a better term) that my site was going to turn into "How to prank a telemarketer" or "Animal Crossing is Tragic", I made this dumbass site SERIOUSTMND: I'm probably overreacting..., stating my views on the site. It was at this time when it was consistently on Top Viewed (gaining 7,000 views at its peak). Almost all of my friends told me I was overreacting and that the site won't be another HTPAT. Fortunately, they were right. As soon it was off of Top Rated, the site gets only a small fraction of views anymore.

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