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Date of first site
YTMND Death Metal, created Mid-2005
Avg. site rating: **
Avg. vote rate: **** of 1/1/07
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Massacabre is a YTMND user who originally signed up to YTMND in early 2005, but was banned from the forums and, in turn, banned from the website afterwards. His explanation for the ban is that his room mate spammed the forum after accessing his account. In late 2006, Massacabre signed back up to YTMND and began posting his old classic YTMND's, as well as new ones.

Massacabre is known for using absurdist shock humor, with occasional surreal or expressionist humor (see ITYFI for examples of this). He is also known for sometimes making his own music for his YTMND pages (for example, the CHOCOLATE (Remix) page, which includes a techno song with spliced audio from the infamous "CHOCOLATE!" soundbyte taken from the show Spongebob Squarepants). Unlike a small percentage of YTMND users, Massacabre is generally helpful and mature. He tends to grade YTMNDs based on a sort of "evolved" version of inkdrinker's "Picture/Sound/Text" principle, that is, mini-movies in YTMNDs, as opposed to pictures or small animated .gif files, tend to get downvoted by Massacabre. However, he bases his voting on things such as the artistic quality, the originality, the picture and/or sound quality, the the entertainment/humor of the YTMND.

Massacabre's YTMNDs

Some of Massacabre's YTMNDs:

Safety Really Wasn't Guaranteed


I Think You're A Fucking Idiot!

How Martin Luther King Jr. REALLY Died

YTMND Death Metal

You're The Faggot Now Dog!