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Eloise Fires Her Laser??, created December 10, 2007
December 10, 2007
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Hi! I'm Blake G. I'm a parodist, and a fan of Grand Theft Auto. Although I've visited a bunch of sites before, I decided to strike out on my own in 2007, with a rather crappy site based on the children's book Eloise.

I also have a weird passion for children's literature and cartoons, especially Strawberry Shortcake, Madeline, and several other programs, much like my friend and forum mate RAMChYLD. Some call my rather eccentric obsession with such kiddie/girly shows, coupled with my addiction to Grand Theft Auto, as odd, childish or bizzare, but I don't mind, even if I'm subject to some practical jokes like what my mates at The GTA Place did at one time.

I'm not that of a big-time user like Boomaga, Syncan and all the other veterans, and even though I always wanted at least one of my sites to be mainstream, they rarely get big, save for a few that worked out so well. I make YTMNDs in a different style; I often look into every detail and make sure that it doesn't look crappy. Most of my works are based on cartoons, films and other related stuff, and they consist of meta-jokes and computer/videogame related gags.

Despite the fact that the site seemed somewhat hostile to me and some of my fellow YTMNDers, I became a prolific author of more than a dozen animated GIFs, of which I made just for fun. God Bless and I hope you have a great time there...


  • EloiseTMND - My first forced fad.
  • SHIRLEYTMND - A half-successful forced fad involving actress Shirley Temple.
  • MadelineTMND - My first collab with Prairiedogeric10; typically depicts children's book Madeline in absurd scenarios.
  • FeelGoodTMND - A collab with Tarkin. It features Katie Harwood from the film Ghost Ship, smiling and chuckling despite being in a rather perplexing ghostly situation.