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Katana is a relatively new user to YTMND, but has already tried his best to make a great many YTMNDs. Most of his sites involve the use of Garry's Mod, a mod of Half-Life 2. His YTMND "What Half-Life 2 is Becoming" has managed to reach Top 15 Viewed, but recieved mixed reactions. It was created as a result of the teaser trailer for Half-Life 2: Episode 2, where it is implied that Alyx, one of the main characters, dies. The YTMND shows Gordon Freeman (the protagonist) holding Alyx's dead body floating in the water, similarly to Aeris's death in Final Fantasy VII. However, in a more recent PC Gamer article, it was revealed that Alyx would not die. Katana later changed his YTMND to say "JOKE IS DEAD" and linked to an article revealing the truth.