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I'm that one guy that's weird, ya know?

I joined YTMND at around the dawn of 2006, and actually started doing things like... after the template changed. My first ytmnd started me off. :P After YTMND went down, I started constantly refreshing it until it came back; but I saw the new template and I was like. "o___o; holy crap". Then I went to check, and THIS happened.

Voting Methods

Size Gimmick?

Yeah, so when you see me voting on new ytmnds, you see something weird.. like:

Kamasakai : Medium | lol, nice

You'd think I was referring to that thing you got in your pants, yes?

But no. The size thing is referring to the amount of stars I gave. For example:

  • 1 Star - Extra Small
  • 2 Stars - Small
  • 3 Stars - Medium
  • 4 Stars - Large
  • 5 Stars - Extra Large

The line then separates the "size" and everything past that is my personal comments. And no, I'm not a silly downvoting whoar who just mindlessly goes to every new ytmnd and downvotes away. :P 2 meaning it was creative, but no laughs.

Where's the rest of this page?

Good question.