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John Whitecloud
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John Whitecloud

John Whitecloud is a Native American from the Ojibwe tribe in Northwest Wisconsin. His fame on YTMND began on February 22, 2009 when this site was posted. It basically introduces who John Whitecloud is and some of his hobbies. He held a job for the Native radio station WOJB, he really enjoys Cold Cut Combos from Subway, and he likes to get drunk. Soon the JohnWhitecloud account was created.

After a string of failed attempts to revive his old show after he was suspended, John Whitecloud became a news correspondent for the fledgling radio station Radio Citrus. In June of 2009, John traveled to North Korea to cover their nuclear program, but was captured and accused of being an American spy. John was freed from captivity after a phone call from Radio Citrus DJ Rob Wilson, and a visit to North Korea by former president Bill Clinton.

Upon return to the United States, John got in some trouble and was sent to prison. John attempted to escape several times over the summer of 2009. He was finally successful in October and went into hiding.

John has since been trying to resurrect his radio career, with no success.

On November 18, 2009 John Whitecloud was involved in a workplace shooting while recording the latest installment of his radio cooking show. He has since recovered from his injuries.

As of late, John has displayed racist attitudes towards white people. Usually when he consumes the fire water. Lacrossestar83 has become the target of his alcohol fueled obsession, probably because Lacrossestar83 referred to John as a pile of scat on Facebook. Currently John wishes you to add him as your friend on Facebook and/or twitter if you can.

And John is a big gay dickwad and a jerk who beats women. His shit smells funny too.