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Jim Cramer or JimCramer is an idiot who named his account after legendary Stock Broker and hero James Cramer. He lacks originality, and has only partial success by making sites that involve the real Jim Cramer. JimCramer has found that YTMND has Jumped the Shark ever since the creation of YTMNSFW and the YTMND Synchronizer and finds more hilarity on His greatest YTMNDs are and He rarely if ever goes on YTMND anymore and only finds the workings of MasterSitsu to be worth seeing. His favorite fad is Nigga Stole My Bike. You can talk to the obsessed Jim Cramer fan on (at random times) and see the real great Jim Cramer on Mad Money on CNBC which plays weekdays at 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 pm.