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ILOVEUWxx (The 2x, DubbaEx, Dos Equis, 2xPac) is a relatively new member to the YTMND community having officially joined circa January 2006, however he is very well known in the usenet newsgroup - (RSPW) having been a high profile member (in various forms) since 1997.

ILOVEUWxx is the founding member of the most prolific group of RSPW posters ever to have lived - THE ULTIMATE ALLIANCE (The UA). The UA is most notable for their undying love, affection and support of the two greatest human beings ever to live; Hulk Hogan, and The Ultimate Warrior. Some have accused The UA (some members more than others; specifically ILOVEUWxx) of being racist, anti-semetic and generally intolerant of other cultures for nothing more than humor's sake. This is essentially true, as ILOVEUWxx has stated many times.

ILOVEUWxx has heretofore been a "well behaved" member of the YTMND community, and has garnered some acclaim for his YTMND "Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior". This can be viewed at

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