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OBAY HYPNOCARRY VOT5, created 12th February 2007
12th February 2007
Avg. site rating: {{****}}
Avg. vote rate: {{****}} of 24th February 2008
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Hi everyone. No one will ever read this but if you do, don't tell anyone, or I will come to your house and FUCKING KILL YOU.

If you find all the KFC buckets in all of my sites (yes they're all there, some are more hidden than others) then I'll give you a prize.

If you want my opinion on my YTMND life then here it is. Basically I make decent sites, some of which are based on fads. These usually generates scores of above 4.2 in the first 50 or so votes, but then downvoters can usually shift them off if they want to, because the Up & Coming system is as broken as shit (except the Featured Users i.e. the Nazis that run the site won't do anything about it because they get their own Recently Created list, most of which is shit, and god forbid they ever have to do any work for votes).

Basically, all the featured users, except Kassius and keatonkeaton999, are unfunny schlubs that ought to be thrown into a pit and burned alive. The real story is Max printed off a list of the top rated sites for some week when he had the shitastic idea of featured users and decided to make the top 50 featured, which included unfunny cunts such as ShaolinWind. This was about a year ago since time of writing (02/24/08), and now the whole system is broken, but Max is too busy listening to shit ideas of how to improve the site (read: ban the FPA). The fact is, it isn't going to get any better, since most of the mods are sycophantic shills.

Anyway, rant over, but that's basically the long and short of how YTMND went from being funny to being shit.

Here are some of my favourite users who are helping me to make YTMND a better place and making sure faggots such as 98% of the featured losers don't ruin YTMND:

DarthWang Everything this guy makes is pure gold.
Father-McKenzie McKenzie is a genius in the execution of his frankly hilarious sites.
joejew His sites are good but his attitude is better. I love +ing his hate-filled posts.
Kassius The Godfather.
AegisReflector The other Godfather.
BTape First alerted and invited me to the FPA, but now he downvotes all my sites :'(.
keatonkeaton999 A non-FPA pinkfag that knows what he is doing, and seems to hate the status quo as much as I do.
mariostar06 Hates everything I do, and then some.
Ochobobo A pinkfag who shouldn't even be associated with any other pinkfag. He is above pinkfaggotry.

Poland: The KHANime Trilogy

I made this immense trilogy. I can attest that all garnered a perfect 5.00 rating in the first 25 votes, before being downvoted by faggots and haters. Despite a single second of all of these sites being funnier than the entire catalogue of sites belonging to any pinkfag (with the exception of any of the above), max has not seen fit to make me a featured user, which is fine with me, because those pinkfags can kiss my black ass.

Also, if you're wondering when the fourth one is coming out, bear in mind it is a trilogy. If or when I decide to make a fourth one, I doubt it'll be as epic as any of the previous ones, although you never know.

My sites

To date (03/01/08) I've made:

12 Poland sites
16 Noise sites
6 Lando sites
3 Lord of the Rings parody sites
3 NEDM sites
4 Fad/Toolbox Soup sites
3 KHAN sites
4 Jitz sites
2 Kill Bill sites
4 Original sites
12 Other fad sites

* There is overlap (e.g. most Poland sites are noise)

** Btw, they're all awesome, so view them all and remember to VOAT 5!111! or I'll hunt you down and cut off your fucking gonads.

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