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"TRUTHTMND: Flo Rida POISONS Alex Jones (PROOF)" is a YTMND by me made by request of HamJam2. It is a spinoff of "Barack Obama watches Hentai".


The site took roughly four days to make. I chose "proof" for its text as a tribute to TRUTHYTMND: PROOF Obama is NWO!!!.


Frame numbers assume sync is used to view the site.
Image First frames Creators, owners, and sources
Background 1 MasterSitsu's "The Lounge".
Cup and saucer 2 आशीष भटनागर. Commons File:Cup saucer bone.JPG.
Flo Rida 3 Via "Dre Day..." blog.
Alex Jones (blue and red) 13 Frame 67 of Barack Obama watches Hentai is the blue Jones. Red is a simple color change of that.
Nanoha Takamachi infobox 17 I just told you, lol.
Ariel TV 20 Widescreen TV Stress Reliever at
Clip of Jones being an idiot 21–33 Frames 54–66 of Barack Obama watches Hentai.
Divine Buster 37–38, 40 Episode 25 of StrikerS.
The Gay Plaza 39 Best YTMND ever.
Sound First frames Creators, owners, and sources
"the flo rida show" theme 1 Kōji Kondō. Super Mario 64 Main Theme.
TTS voices 2 Narrator, with Microsoft Anna speed 5 volume 9. Pitch 5 for announcer, pitch 1 for host, and pitch 9 for Jones. A script is available.
Flo Rida's actual voice 12 BlackTree TV. YouTube - FLO Rida feat. T.Pain Music from the Movie Step Up 2 'Low'.
"BLOB" 16 "Nothing moves the BLOB".
"I REFUSE to go along with this!" and "you wicked wicked DEVIL!" 19 Frame 55 of Barack Obama watches Hentai.
Clip of Jones being an idiot 21–33 See Images.
"Diviiiiiiine...*unloads and reloads ammo* Bustaaaaaaa!" 37 See Images.

TTS script

  • speed 5 volume 9 pitch 5.
    • live from you're the man now dog it's the flo rida show
  • pitch 1.
    • you're the man now dog
    • My first guest got his ass whipped by an anime character and an army of magic farting frogs. I don't believe it either but anyway please welcome Blue Noise Blob Alex Jones!
    • So tell everyone on you're the man now dog what you do
  • pitch 9.
    • I'm a spammer who can't stop talking about my friend Barack Obama on you're the man now dog because I want his giant p--
  • pitch 1.
    • Nevermind, I don't give a fuck. What happened on 2009-08-07?
  • pitch 9.
    • Some black dude wanted me to do some crazy basketball thing and jump off a highway so I decided to fight his schoolgirl friend (I think her name was Nanoha) but she owned me with magic frogs that say WHAT and now I'm a big blue noise blob
  • speed 6 pitch 1.
    • You should jump off a highway you dumbass pervert. First, the black dude is the legendary Michael Jordan. Second, the school bitch is not Nanoha, it's Cutie Honey. Third--
  • pitch 9.
    • But the Wikipedia says her name is Nanoha!
  • pitch 1.
    • It doesn't matter; this is the gamekid universe, where Nanoha is called Cutie Honey, Cutie Honey is Saler Mune, Saler Mune is Hentai, Sailor Mars is Robert Novak, Wikipedia is replaced with Lindsay Lohan's breasts, and you should kill yourself right now.
      The second "Saler Mune" should have been "Sailor Moon".
    • Here's a clip of you being an idiot.
    • Okay, you were right, but you still need professional help for jumping into a TV screen. Oh yeah, that water is actually weaponized liquid rat poison mixed with energy drink and toothpaste. Begone.
    • Cutie Honey, do as you wish.
    • Tomorrow night: people who end sentences with fail: are they big faggots or gigantic faggots? Up next is The Gay Plaza. GET FIRED UP BABY!