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Hello. My name is Flameman. Well OK. That's just my alias. I discovered YTMND via YouTube. My main YouTube account is [1] and the account I use to re-upload my YTMNDs or random collections is [2]. I started off by trying to bring the imfamous "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN" fad to YTMND, but my plan failed. My sites were limited to audio editing only because I didn't have any apropriate software for image edditing. (Exept for paint) But when I got the Adobe CS4 collection, I was able to make animated YTMND sites. Some sites I wasn't able to submit because the WAV sound file was too large, but then I discovered the CS4 collection also included a program that could make MP3s. I'm not very good at creating more original sites, but I get good feedback from my fad-mash sites. (Darth Wang himself ussualy votes 5 or above) I'm not very good at making GIFs from scratch, but I'm practicing. My favourite fads are ones with repeditive music like "what is love" and ones which are annoyingly loud and crap on purpose like the Poland fad and KAHNTMND. 2 users who I consider to be friends are Darth Wang and Jedi787Plus. One of my rivals on YTMND use to be the downvoter JIZZmonsta, but thankfully Max banned him after he was stupid enough to downvote sites because they were part of a contest and asked to be banned sarcastically, another rival is the infamous ASSCOCKredux, someone who I describe as "the stupidest troll on the internet ever" (save for JohnnyLurg and his alts), and my arch-rival is the completely ignorant gr33nscr33n who I even created a few petty "revenge" sites for: