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Hi There. I was a YTMND creator in early 2007. Epocalypse was my primary account, and up until my last three weeks, my only. However, in my last couple of weeks here, I started an Alternate, Cope 88, a different personality who i thought of as my younger cousin. In my mind, I taught him my ways, and eventually sent him off to do his own work. this exists solely in a single lol site and a rather unclean (interms of rendering). 300TMND. However, assuming a star wars esque battle of pupil versus master, I started fighting with Cope (my self) escalating in a series of rapid exchanges and insults, aswell as varied upvoting and downvoting of eachother's (all technically my own) sites. After realizing how funny this was to me personally, and how i felt i had exhausted my YTMND potential with these two YTMNDentities, I shared the conversation with myself and my formal announcement of retirement in a ytmnd entitled YTMND Seppuku ( My only update from this point on will be updates on the epilogue section of that site, containing other people's comments. Officially my final site is Nobody Wins, cope 88's retirement announcement, although it was on the epocalypse account.

I will continue to vote and comment with both my personas, treating them as seperate entities with seperate preferences and personalities, although Cope 88 will become less prominent. But in the interest of my life outside of the internet, I am stopping site creation on both sites, today.

We have work to do you know.


-written Mar 23 2007.