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Eaglebird is often the target of various trolls and insults due to his position at YTMND. He proceeds to do his job through it all, and manages to keep the faggotry (for the most part) to a minimal level. Because of his personality, various traits, he is perfect bait for flaming and hate from users.


His association with YTMND comes about in supressing ultimate faggotry, beyond what is seen now in the forums, the main page, and now, this wiki. He stands as a super-moderator of the forums, and a site moderator on the frontpage, keeping the peace when necessary and keeping other users in line. He does his work best at night, with the 'Night Crew', a handful of forum members that are on each night and were prominent members in the forum's golden age, mid 2005.

Often forgets to include that he was not known "mid 2005."

Eaglebird has been visited by the 4CHan Party Van several times, but always scares the FBI agents away when he emerges from his delapidated home while wearing a crotchless fursuit.

After a lengthy debate by Scientists, Investigators, and Congress, Eaglebird was held as the one person solely responsible for Hurricane Katrina. There is no real evidence linking his furriness to the disaster, but it has been agreed upon that a guy who likes to get in in the ass from a hawk wouldn't mind being the target of large-scale scapegoating.

^ disregard that, i suck cocks -Eaglebird

also Eaglebird YTMND