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Known more sensibly as b1lskirnir on most sites such as IMDb, Xanga, etc., a college film student, musician, and part-time lifeguard who enjoys a good laugh as well as using YTMND as an outlet for his sexual frustration and rage issues. Like many, he started by making "OMG Secret Nazi..." type YTMNDs but expanded his horizons and became a prolific voter as well as the maker of several good parody sites, "myspace". As fate has it, he has difficulty getting into the Up And Coming these days thanks to downvoters and silly NARVs, but still continues to do what he loves. Enjoys contemporary Asian drama and horror movies, snowboarding, music technology, pretentious experimental rock music, performing tricks with Swingline staplers, and Slovakia. Hobbies include NARV and downvoter-bashing, supporting the Dew army as well as Pinkfloydtmnd, and expanding his favorites list.