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I'm in the Forgot Poland Army. I make a lot of sites about bob Seger and his death-ness that he spreads around, never ceasing to mention Howard Hughes and his contributions to everything I've ever done ever.

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August 21, 2007
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The Beginning

My first site,, was about a pixel error on Tails in the introduction to Sonic Advance 3 that makes him appear to have a clearly visible anus. I used to mess with sprites a bit around that time, so that's how I noticed. I haven't ever noticed any other sites about this besides mine, which means that A. I'm a maker of original content, or B. I'm the only person convoluted enough to make a site about something like that.

The Middle

Months went by and I'd been making a few mediocre crap fad sites and getting really bored. The first sites I ever had to make the Top 15 Viewed,,, and were a few sites taking advantage of the lol, no class, and eon8 fads accordingly. Upon retrospect, I hate all three of those sites and regret taking time to make them. What's worse is that I actually made the lol tune in Mario Paint for the first site. Oh ho, silly times.

One day when I was loading ytmnd, I loaded up a site made by someone in the Forgot Poland Army and laughed harder than I thought I possibly could laugh at a ytmnd. I watched a bunch of sites by DarthWang, NESer, and AegisReflector among others. I decided then that since I didn't like making a bunch of dumb ass fad sites for a high rating, I'd just make something like those sites I watched that I would like later. My first FP site here was kind of doodoo despite being fun to make. Then, I made a non-noise Poland site that I rather regret, but after I made it Kayne invited me to the FPA forums and I signed up. I started to like making sites again it was time wasting ahoy for me.

On top of making Poland Sites, me and user GIVEMEREPLAY began SANDTMND. A few other users jumped on and we had a thing going, but I'm the only one left who still made the sites after a bit. This is mainly because replay has left ytmnd, and other people just grew tired of it. What's become of it is what I've made of it since I was the only one who stayed.

The Present

I've gotten much better at mixing, and therefore making noise. I don't find myself making half as much noise though since it's run its course. I'm making less sites than I used to, but every now and then I burst and make a bunch of sites in a day. I'm also still the only one who makes SANDTMND's. I'm about as tired of writing this as you are reading this, so let's just end on that note.

Bob Seger AKA The one you call God

The Man

Bob Seger is probably the penultimate reason that we all die someday. Based on his music, I can honestly tell you that, in reality, Bob Seger is an immortal samurai warrior doomed to walk the earth in perpetual unrest until he kills 1,000 evil men. Instead, he generally just ends up killing people. With his Silver Bullet Band, he travels far and wide across the U.S. and spreads death with his heartland rock of chaotic justice. It is in this, that the deaths to be accounted for are also including an equally enormous ammount of innocent, good people, as opposed to the dastardly men he's charged with killing(The dastardly WOMEN are forced to watch him make love to several other beautiful women until they die inside, having lost hope of ever doing a Shakedown on his American Storm, and are then killed). They are rivaled in every aspect, however, by Geddy Lee and the other members of Rush.

The End

On April 10, 2007, Bob Seger made his final assault on all he dislikes and emerged victorious. That site contains the only documented footage of the event.

Howard Hughes

The Man

Howard Hughes created, pantented, and registered the trademark on Howard Hughes' Tissue Box Shoes. Howard Hughes repeated himself often. Did you ever see that movie The Aviator? THE WAY OF THE FUTURE. THE WAY OF THE FUTURE. THE WAY OF THE FUTURE. THE WAY OF THE FUTURE. THE WAY OF THE FUTURE. THE WAY OF THE FUTURE. THE WAY OF THE FUTURE.

The Way of the Future

Show me all the blueprints. Show me all the blueprints. Show me all the blueprints... show me all the blueprints... show me all the blueprints... show me all the blueprints...

Ava Gardner

Research suggests that she's not one of Howard Hughes' teenage whores, or some "damn airplane".


$10,000 for a ticket to the Superbowl

The French song "Alouette", though it is regarded as a nursery rhyme, is actually a butcher song about cuttting up a "lark".


Simon: I've been thinking. Joe: Yeah? Simon: Last year we were in the squirt league, and this year we're in the pewee. Joe: So? Simon: So what do they want us to do, play baseball or urinate? Anyway, I was just thinking. Adult Joe Wenteworth: Time is a monster that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience, then it races like a gazelle when you can't catch a breath. Simon: You're already a bastard. Might as well be an enlightened one. Simon: I'm a miracle you know. Joe: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Simon: She's so sexy that sometimes I forget she's someone's mother. Joe: Well, what if I said the same thing about your mother? Simon: I'd have you committed. Simon: If God's made the church bake sale a priority, we're in a lot of trouble. Simon: What I want to do and what I do are two separate things. If we all went around doing what we wanted all the time, there'd be chaos. Simon: Your mother is so sexy, sometimes I forget she's someone's mother. Joe: What if I said the same thing about your mother? Simon: I'd have you committed. Adult Joe Wenteworth: [voiceover] I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice, not because of his voice, or because he was the smallest person I ever knew, or even because he was the instrument of my mother's death, but because he is the reason I believe in God. What faith I have, I owe to Simon Birch, the boy I grew up with in Gravedown, Maine. Joe: I have faith. I just need proof to back it up. Simon: I said, what does coffee and donuts have to do with God? Rev. Russell: They're merely refreshments so people can socialize and talk about up coming events. Simon: Who ever said church needs a continental breakfast? Rev. Russell: What are you doing sitting in a corner Simon? Simon: Thinking about God. Rev. Russell: In a corner? Simon: Faith is not in a floor plan. Joe: My balls just turned to marbles! Simon: Mine just turned to BBs! Simon: It's the *Virgin* Mary, Eddie. What does Joseph have to do with anything? Simon: Ahh! It's a horse! Simon: I don't think God's plan includes breaking and entering. Simon: I don't see how pork chops could lead to intercourse, no matter how good they are. Simon: I look like a burn victim. Simon: Boobs! Miss Leavy: The Star of Bethlehem is not a piñata! Simon: Now get over there with the other flying monkeys, where you belong. Miss Leavy: The Virgin Mary does not chew gum. Adult Joe Wenteworth: Ben Goodrich legally adopted me just two days before my 13th birthday. Not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for bringing him into my life. With Simon's help, I had finally found my real father. Simon Birch: Sex makes people crazy. Simon Birch: Thank you Miss Wenteworth. Rebecca Wenteworth: You know what Simon? Thank you. Simon Birch: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Adult Joe Wenteworth: When someone you love dies, you don't lose them all at once. You lose them in pieces over time, like how the mail stops coming. What I remember most to this day was my mother's scent and how I hated it when it began to disappear. First from her closets, then from her dresses she had sewn herself and then finally from her bedsheets and pillow cases. Simon and I never talked much about that day on the baseball field. It was too painful for both of us. For as much as I loved my mother, I knew that Simon loved her just as much. She was the only real mother he ever had. Joe: Jesus, Simon, you look like shit. Miss Leavy: [reading off remaining roles for the Christmas play] ... Well, there's the shepherds, but they don't do much - [Everyone's hands spring up instantaneously] Adult Joe Wenteworth: [voicecover] Miss Leavy always tried to downplay the role of the shepherds, but we weren't fooled. We knew that all you had to do was stand there with a staff and try not to laugh at all the poor fools with speaking parts. Joe: Hey, your son is not a screw up, he's a hero. Mr. Birch: What? Joe: I said he's a hero. And you don't deserve him. I want you to know that.

Best movie event ever: [1]

A DETAILED description of my non-existent refrigerator magnet collection

My collection consists of a killer whale magnet of indeterminable origin, several salmon and eagle magnets I got in Alaska, my Little Caesar's magnet, pictures of my family, and several inspirational ceiling fan shaped magnets, all of which hold up the drawrings i make every day.

ASCII Sodomy Time!!!

B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8 B=8 , B8

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