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Tourettes Guy
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Tourettes guy teaches biology  
Worthy spinoffs:

The Tourettes Guy fad takes Danny, an internet phenomenon who allegedly has Tourette Syndrome, and adds him into other famous ytmnd fads, or replaces original song lyrics or quotes with his.

It would appear as though the Tourettes Guy Fad originated on ytmnd in the of Summer 2005. His website,, was launched in 2000 so it is difficult to determine the precise time when the material made its way to ytmnd.

Due to his frequent and profound use of coarse language, most ytmnd sites featuring him are deemed NSFW.


On August 4th, 2007, released a statement, saying that Danny, the Tourettes Guy had passed away a couple of days after being released out of the hospital, from a car accident. It was later claimed that he was just in prison.

Fanbased Compilation Album

People have made various "remixes" of Tourettes Guy's constant cussing, until one man had the courage to actually assemble a bunch of TG stuff into a fanbased, unreleased compilation album. Tracklisting is below.

Last Time I Gave A Shit, I Got Fucked (2007)

  1. Don't Talk Shit About Total (Skit) - 0:56
  2. Freedom Of Speech - 3:06
  3. Chewbacca Taking A Shit (Skit) - 0:53
  4. Kiss My Ass - 2:12
  5. Fuck You (Skit)- 0:24
  6. Piece Of Shit - 2:36
  7. That's My Ass - 2:32
  8. Colonel Cluster Fuck (Skit) - 1:46
  9. No, No, No, No! - 0:56
  10. Pissing Out The Window - 2:06
  11. Colgate (Skit) - 1:01
  12. Oh, Shit! - 3:16
  13. Like Father, Like Son (Skit) - 1:57

All voices were done by the Tourettes Guy himself, he is featured in each of the skits, however, the music belongs to several users, and titles were retitled to be simpler. In "Don't Talk Shit About Total," "Chewbacca Taking A Shit," "That's MY Ass," "Colonel Cluster Fuck," and "Like Father, Like Son," the Tourettes Guy's son speaks. In "Fuck You," a clip from "Like Father, Like Son" Shirlena, Tourettes Guy's ex-wife is mentioned. Lastly, in "Like Father, Like Son," the Tourettes Guy's father makes an appearance, and he has Tourette Syndrome as well.