Tighten Up the Graphics

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Tighten Up the Graphics
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Original YTMND:
Tighten Up the Graphics!  
by PMRG 
July 2, 2006  
Worthy spinoffs:

The "Tighten up the Graphics" fad is based off a laughably bad commercial from Westwood College Online for their courses in programming video games. In the commercial, two guys in their twenties are playing a video game; one says to the other to hurry up, since their boss is coming, implying they'll get in trouble if she catches them playing instead of working. Instead, their boss asks if they're finished testing the game yet; they tell her that they need to "tighten up the graphics", even though you can't work on graphics using a controller, and the people who work on graphics are generally not the same people who play-test them. Their boss somehow believes this, and after she leaves, the two guys speak to each other: "I can't believe we got jobs doing this." "I know, and my Mom said I would never get anywhere with these games."

The first site was created in early July 2006 with others spawning afterwards.

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