The internet is for porn

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The internet is for porn
[[Image:|200px|Preview image]]
Creator: Longshot
Created on: July 18, 2004
Sound origin: Avenue Q
Image origin: Sesame Street

The Internet is for Porn is a song from the Broadway musical, Avenue Q. It is also a YTMND featuring the aforementioned song, along with a tiled picture of Cookie Monster, whom the character that sings the song, Trekkie Monster, is designed to sound like.

Alternate universes

Defying Gravity

Due to their competition for several of the same awards, soon after PTKFGS came to be, Defying Gravity (PTKFGS), a YTMND with a tiled image of Gruntilda the Witch from Banjo-Kazooie and a portion of the song Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked was made. The reasoning for using Wicked for it, according to the creator, was that it and Avenue Q competed for similar awards, and the reasoning for using Gruntilda is because like how Cookie Monster and Trekkie Monster sound similar, Elphaba, the character who sings Defying Gravity, and Gruntilda look similar.

Everyone's a Little Bit Racist

Going back to Avenue Q for YesYes, Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, with a tiled image of the Sesame Street cast.