The Ultimate Bedside Surprise

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The Ultimate Bedside Surprise
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Original YTMND:
only a dream... OR WAS IT? (now w. music)
by agentanderson
June 11, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

Prince of Darkness is a 1987 horror film directed and written by John Carpenter. The movie is about a mysterious liquid that possesses a student in order to bring out the father of Satan.

The fad started out as part of the NEDM fad, but it did not get it's popular nickname until the next day when the user LocutusOfBorg created "The Ultimate Bedside Surprise". The original scene featured a man tossing and turning in bed until he sees a monster sleeping right next to him, resulting in a scream. The first site used Happy Cat, but it wasn't until Locutus's site which showed the man awakening with the King. This started a fad that has yielded more than 50 different sites. The fad takes the name of "bedside surprise" as given by LocutusOfBorg.

The current "Ultimate Bedside Surprise" currently has a rating of 4.57, making it one of the top rated sites on ytmnd.