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The 'Mullet Man' is the face of the Safety Not Guaranteed fad, and has become part of YTMND history - most importantly the YTMND Hall of Fame - because of it. Also known as 'The Time Traveler' or simply 'The Traveler'. His theme is that of the Safety Not Guaranteed fad, which is 'Push It To The Limit' by Paul Engemann (from the Scarface OST).

He enjoys traveling through time, mostly alone, but is seeking a friend through personal ads to accompany him. He is very serious about this extremely dangerous hobby (which has been known to completely turn the universe on it's head), and will only pay after the task is complete. He does not like to share his weapons. He always reminds us that safety is not guaranteed. He also claims to have only done this once before, but there is clearly no truth to this.

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