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Keyword YTMNDs (by keyword)


Simply, hotlink to a YTMND keyword search. {{keyword}} makes a link to a search with the name of the article. {{keyword|insert word here}} makes a link to a search, searhing for the word you replace "insert word here" with. {{keyword|insert word here|insert number here}} makes a search for the keyword you relpaced "insert word here" with. The page depends on the 3rd parameter. 30 starts at page 2, 90 at page 4 and so on. So, for example, {{keyword|Sean_Connery|120}} would generate a keyword search for Sean_Connery, starting at the fifth page. "Sean_Connery" doesn't look good, add a 4th parameter to fix. {{keyword|Sean_Connery|120|Sean Connery}} would do. It looks like this: Sean Connery YTMNDs (by keyword)


Spaces don't break the link, but MediaWiki does. You can't use apostrophes either.