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"...synonymous with arbitrary downvoting and accompanies many of nearly 7000 1-stars made by Qnslaught."

If thats the case, maybe this and other stupid overused one-liners should be added into the downvoter or upvoter wikis in maybe chart form or something. The only reason i added this wiki was because ive seen this line over and over again on different site profiles and it has made itself a part of YTMND. -Comedian

Oh great,that gives more attention to the alt account. Why not post this on a list of alt/gimmick users? --St205 17:25, December 4, 2006 (CST)

Why not create a Qnslaught page instead? If Cthulhu138, JoshCube and MichaelWolfson can have thier own pages, that Qnslaught might as well have one too, since he's become famous with that stupid catche phraise.-Lord Lonic

I'm not saying that their catch phrases make YTMND a better site or that they did well posting the same thing thousands of times... I'm saying that even though their catch phrases are stupid, there are so many posts with their stuff around and maybe it should be chronicled in the YTMND Wiki much like the NARV page. I believe there should be a list of these catch phrases with the users that created them much like the list of YTMND sites themselves. -Comedian