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Attention coolchick

Now, I'm saying this as a Wikian, not as a member of the "We Hate coolchick1794 Club":

Quit adding a mentioning of yourself to an article about a troll every time you make one of those stupid "Ban [insert troll here] button" sites. Adding yourself to the deedeedeer article was okay since it's believed by some to have helped (I guess, but pointlessly adding a mentioning of yourself at every turn is just retarded and down right spammy, enspecially since your other button sites really didn't do shit but piss many people off. --Unsigned comment

35,000 Hz square wave

Are you sure it's not 3500 Hz? --Before creating a talk page, verify that there's an article for it. Sign your comments with 4 tildes (this-guy)

Should it also be noted...

...that he once said that YTMND was for trolling in a comment?--Nelson340 14:30, March 20, 2007 (CDT) (This comment was under his JoshCube2 account.)