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Cleaned up the language and wikified it a little. -Silenoz

I like how whoever made this article didn't link to the site at all. Nice job. Ochobobo 10:38, December 15, 2006 (CST)A

After it says Max hall of famed the site to piss people off it should say (lol) in parethesis for accuracy.


When searching for top viewed, this site only has 2 mills views. It's Smiddle, LOL · What is Talk Page? · KHAAANTRIBUTIONS! 06:48, December 21, 2006 (CST)

Odd. It passed BBM last night. Something might be wrong on your computer because many witnessed this tragedy. See this site. Everything's true.

Many predicted it would happen on December 21? Wasn't I the first...? I mean, I'm not tryin to take all the credit, but... did someone say it would happen on that day before I made that Approaching Blue Ball machine site? Ochobobo 23:55, December 29, 2006 (CST)

Yes, you were the first person to know. What that sentence meant was that many predicted it, mainly because they followed your prediction. It never meant anything about someone knowing this before you.
Alright... Ochobobo 00:05, December 30, 2006 (CST)

Dave Cockrum passed this. Chickencheese 19:38, January 5, 2007 (CST)

As the most commented on, but not viewed.

Sorry, didn't realise I was talking under "Views" heading. I just added my comment. Chickencheese 22:03, January 5, 2007 (CST)

wtf this got 7 million views on my birthday? How gay is that Ochobobo 15:41, February 22, 2007 (CST)