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Collection subpage needed due to the popularity of the fad and unupdated search feature! --Artman40 12:55, March 9, 2007 (CST)

this isn't a fad

Putting "TMND" after the movie title doesn't make it a fad. Lots of people are simply making sites about the film 300. Instead of coming up with creative titles they are adding "300TMND" to any generic title to attract extra views. This is exactly as ridiculous as calling all sites with Neo "MATRIXTMND." To expand on that I'll say though there are many sites about the movie 300, each of them has very little to do with the other aside from using some scene from the movie. --BTape

-i'd argue that sites based on the 'this is sparta' YTMND constitute a fad, but adding 300tmnd to other scenes would not count. - MasterSitsu