Subliminal messages

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Subliminal Messages
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Original YTMND:
Hillary Duff is a NAZI!  
Worthy spinoffs:

Subliminal Messages are hidden messages in songs that may be heard when they are played backwards. It is unknown when they started as a fad, however, there are several notable sites with subliminal messages. HIDDEN MESSAGE IN QUEEN SONGwas hugely popular, and Hillary Duff is a NAZI!, for example, is in the Hall of Fame. A sub-fad based on the subliminal messages was created with Nigga stole my bike, but all he really wanted was some chicken, which played the sound file for Nigga Stole My Bike backwards, which sounded like "Yep, I want chicken!" Several spinnoffs of this site were created, such as Yep I want chicken, Punchout Remix by leileilol, the creator of Nigga stole my bike, Punchout Remix.

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