Solar Yak

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Solar Yak
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Original YTMND:
Solar Yak
by anono
September 28, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

The Solar Yak fad began by user anono while attempting to create a mediocre site contained within a trifecta paradox. The original Solar Yak site got average votes, but became popular following a site explaining the process of creating an average YTMND.[1] Although a third site was created to further confuse the paradox[2], the fad had already taken off after the second.

Elements contained in Solar Yak YTMNDs

  • A standard yak photo found using Google Images
  • A bright red and yellow picture of the sun
  • Dramatic text ("Solar Yak Walk Flames Eternal" as an example)
  • Occasional use of Antimatter Turtle "rules the clouds of infinity" (PTKFGS)
  • NES music


There will be a discrepency in dates and comments on anono's yak YTMNDs because he went through and moved the sites around to further confuse the date creation. The proper timeline of creation is: Solar Yak, Making an Average YTMND, Making a YTMND paradox, Solar Yak: THE MOVIE.

The song that accompanies most of the Solar Yak ytmnds is the theme of Dr. Wily Castle Stage 2 from the video game Megaman 3. It is included on Volume 14 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

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