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Original YTMND:
Riker Enjoys a YTMND  
by silenoz 
July 5, 2006  
Worthy spinoffs:
This page is about the fad where Riker views an image. If you were looking for the YTMND with Riker having no class, see No Class.

The "Riker sees..." fad began with the site "Riker Enjoys a YTMND" by Silenoz. The site featured Riker browsing the ytmnsfw Hall of Fame and finding Picard Song. Riker smiles as Picard Song plays, but the site suddenly closes and Riker frowns and looks away. The title and execution of the site is similar to the Arnold Enjoys... fad.

The site's image used a complicated execution that was difficult to edit, so the first spin-off site, No Porn for Riker used a new image ripped from the same scene and episode of Star Trek. This is the image that was used in subsequent fad sites, and the new image resulted in confusion and dispute regarding the origin of the fad. Most of the later sites use the "Lonely Man Theme" from the Incredible Hulk TV series.

In late March 2011, an incredibly similar fad arose, starting with Riker learns something new today. This fad also has Riker viewing something on a screen, but uses a different clip (one from an early season, before Frakes grew a beard, and with Riker looking perplexed instead of sad afterwards). Other sites in this fad include Riker learns something else and Netflix on the Enterprise.

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