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April 2nd, 2006
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Avg. vote rate: ***** of November 19th, 2006
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ROY4L is a mysterious and ambiguous YTMNDer who has a sort of "Cult celebrity" status. S/he is infamous for his/her sort of dark and broody YTMNDs which are often very artful in design, but seem to show an anti-capitalism and anti-establishment view point. Some of the style translates over to YTMND fads, such as NEDM Drummer! and The YTMND Fad Machine!. Also feels the need to exclaim all the site titles. As far as we know, ROY4L designs all his/her YTMNDs from scratch. Little is known about who he or she is because the comments they leave are very cryptic.

Many users like ROY4L for the artistic YTMNDs, feeling they give a fresh feel to the site. Others argue the opposite, that his/her sites are misplaced, and don't belong on a comedy website such as YTMND. Regardless s/he holds an impressive average of 4 stars, and a voting record of 5 stars(Despite not being an upvoter)


Is a co-founder of the internet gaming group, The Oddity, whose website is quite similar in style to ROY4L's YTMNDs.