Poverty Gig

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Creator: Father-McKenzie
Created on: April 3, 2007
Sound origin: Bobby Seale
Image origin: Unknown


POVERTYGIGTMND, BOBBYSEALETMND and other Poverty Gig sites use a specific audio clip and image of a young Bobby Seale, the chairman of the Black Panther party. Sites revolving around this theme incorporate a single image of Bobby Seale placed over various other images or animated scenes. These sites also uses some phrases taken from the following 33 word quotation or the entire quotation itself:

“Let me tell you somethin’, brothers and sisters. If you wind up on a poverty gig and you don’t save half that money to buy a gun a week, then you laggin’; you jivin’.”

Fad Status

Poverty Gig sites to date have only received mediocre attention and ratings due in part to there being only a small number of contributors. Currently there are only around half a dozen users who have participated. Which is why this article should be pushed for deletion because it is not a fad, and only an in-joke. Hey fuck you.