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-typing noises-

"Punch the keys, for God's sake!"

"Yes. Yes!"

"You're the Man now Dog!"


YTMND's from a parallel universe.

Parallel fads

YTMND fads changed into a "parallel version" (by a time traveler).

"YESYES" is part of "PTKFGS", intended to be a perpendicular evil universe.

Those "parallel versions" (or whatever versions) too often fail to be parallel (or whatever) in any way, many are just part of their YTMND fad itself, barely widening the fads boundaries and branded with a PTKFGS (or whatever) logo. Many YTMND's got changed into PTKFGS's (and later into YESYES's) for no reason but seperation or attention (in more than one parallel universe).

However PTKFGS spawned many original variations.


Parallel universe theme

New kind of YTMNDs with a "parallel universe" or "history changed by time travel" theme. Sometimes close to Safety not guaranteed but sometimes with multiple "parallel fad" elements.

All PTKFGS's are elements, spawned out of this

Punching keys

YTMNDs about "punching keys" by learning how to type, by destroying a keyboard, any displayed "press ..." order, punching door keys, Florida Keys...

Mixing the phrases "Punch the keys for good sake! Jeah! Yes! You're the man now dog!"into new sentences.


  1. Aphex350 uploaded The YTMND Original Scene from Finding Forrester, including "Punch the keys, for God's sake!".
  2. Early March 2006 Some wondered; "What if YTMND started from that phrase and would be called "PTKFGS" instead:
  3. During the month even more wondered if another name of YTMND may have totally changed some YTMND fads.
  4. A new fad was born since "parallel universe" leaves huge space for absurdity, fiction and nostalgy.
  5. YESYES is introduced as a perpendicular evil universe as in "The Twilight Zone".


  • top5 became PTKFGSs, only the 5th place could sometimes be held by picardartclass
  • many YTMNDs about "the PTKFGS way of live" taking over YTMND.
  • many riding the wave by just adding a PTKFGS logo to their (in that case generally crappy) YTMND


Safety Not Guaranteed