Nigga Stole Conan's Bike

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Nigga Stole Conan's Bike
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Creator: xxblindchildxx
Created on: February 16, 2006
Sound origin: Punch-out
Image origin: combinations of 2 ytmnds ( and

"Nigga Stole Conan's Bike" marked the peak of the popular NSMB fad. It is one of 2 ytmnds in the Hall of Fame for user xxBlindchildxx. Most YTMNDers found the site to be on par with those created by veteran syncan.

The site involved combining 2 ytmnds together. The first one used was an image of Conan O'Brien dancing in one place used in goat-on-a-stik's "Conan Can Dance". The other ytmnd used was MasterSitsu's "Charlie Murphy prepares for Valentines Day ", which showed a clip from the movie CB4 where Charlie Murphy is on a excercise bike. xxblindchildxx took both the images of Conan and Charlie and arranged them in a way that Conan was "chasing" after Charlie, riding a bicycle rather than an excercise bike. Eventually after it's launch, xxblindchildxx would add in the scenery seen in the original NSMB site.

The site quickly took in high ratings and pretty much planted itself on the top 5 rated list for an insane time. The site took in over 700,000 views and quickly received nominations for induction into the hall of fame. On March 16, 2006, max inducted the site into the hall of fame.

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