Moon Crew

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Moon Crew
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Original YTMND:
Once in a Moon Man

During months of late October and November 2008, the official "Moon Crew" was formed by user Excrement. His site featured the four founding members, Farkle, FowderSoap, UmfuldReturns, and Excrement himself dancing above what would become a name known and feared by the whole of YTMND. The group has gone through many evolutions from a simple troll club to a well-recognized bureau that has left a lasting impact on the entire website, as well as many other corners of the internet.

The members of this organization are dedicated to their goal of ultimately taking over YTMND and establishing Moon Man as the greatest of all fads. Members also enjoy "chatting racist shit" and chanting "KKK" all day. The Moon Man forum is also maintained by the Moon Crew.

The Crew has many levels of rank in the membership, and are as follows:

  • "Moon Man"- the indisputable leader of the Moon Crew. This title is held by Moon Man himself, and not by any ytmnder.
  • "afweuqfjqiqegjikh"- Moon Speak word for "First Mate". The afweuqfjqiqegjikh is second to Moon Man. farkle
  • "High Racist"- Third in line, and responsible for some of the governing and membership of the Crew. FowderSoapReturns