Mike Done

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Mike Done
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Original YTMND:
Mike is done...
by zixer
May 29, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
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The History

Mike is done... (better known as Mike Done), is a "personal" YTMND which features a heavily intoxicated individual named "Mike" who is sitting on the ground and leaning on a trash can. He is being aided by a friend so that if he vomits, he will go into the trash. It was created by zixer, a real life friend of the Mike featured in the site. The image is accompanied by a midi version of the "death music" (when a player would lose a life) from the original Castlevania for the NES entitled "Player Miss".

This "inside joke" YTMND would gain attention by becoming the first forced fad (or forum fad). A thread was created by YTMND user, BuzdaHatesYou on the YTMND forums encouraging other YTMND users to search for a crummy YTMND site and to make other sites parodying it. It was in hopes of tricking other YTMNDers, unaware of the YTMND forum thread, to create their own spin-offs. Eventually a user suggested the "Mike is done..." site to which forum users agreed to make it into a fad. Several sites were made in this first attempt at having a forced fad take off. Due to the original sites address, Mike, featured in the original YTMND site, was given the full name "Mike Done". Unfortunately it initially gained little attention, until it was sponsored by murphvelocity in late 2006. As a result, "Mike Done" sites are created regularly.

Mike Done sites usually contain an image of Mike in different situations with the Castlevania "Player Miss" music often inserted somewhere within the site's sound.

Return of the Mike

Recently much interest has been revived in Mike Done, thanks mostly to users murphvelocity