Lil Jon

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Lil Jon
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Original YTMND:
by dooball 
Worthy spinoffs:

Lil Jon, born Jonathan Mortimer Smith, is a crunk rapper best known for his work with his group, The East Side Boyz. He is also known for shouting 'WHAT!?', 'YEAH!', and 'OKAY!'.

Chappelle's Show

The character of Lil Jon, played by Dave Chappelle, was a frequent recurring sketch on Chapelle's Show. In these sketches, Lil Jon would constantly shout his catchphrases, up until he had no choice but to say something else, in which case he would start speaking eloquently, then resume shouting his catchphrases.

Fad Status

The Chappelle's Show sketches eventually led to several YTMNDs. In these sites, Lil Jon has conversations with other people saying only his catchphrases, usually with a crunk beat layed under the sound.

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