Kirk Douglas

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Kirk Douglas
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Original YTMND:
Kirk Douglas Wants Sundaes!
by syncan
February 6, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

Kirk Douglas is an American actor known for his voice and his recurring roles as the kinds of characters Douglas himself once described as "sons of bitches". In 1996, he suffered a stroke, partially impairing his ability to speak.

On February 6th, 2006 legendary YTMND user Syncan created a YTMND called Kirk Douglas Wants Sundaes. The site featured a picture of Douglas glaring at several levitating ice-cream sundaes and had a repeating sound from popular New Age song Wishes Of Happiness & Prosperity which sounds like slurred speech saying "I want sundaes." Many spinoffs soon popped up involving Kirk Douglas and his misadventures involving his Sundaes. Some consider this to be a sub-fad of the "Dew Army/Misinterpretation" fad.

According to the original site's profile, the full lyrics are:

"I want that, oh, I want sundaes. Oh, I want sundaes, charge them on the card. I want that, oh, I want sundaes. Oh I want sundaes... and I no have."

About a year later, user NiteSky created the site Kirk Douglas Is High!. This site is in a format similar to the original: A picture of Kirk Douglas is used while two bongs and a bag of Doritos float above him. The bag of Doritos is a reference to getting the munchies; this might be why Douglas was Jonesin' for sundaes in the original site. Also like the original, a portion of a New Age song, this time it being 'Return to Innocence' by Enigma, with the portion used sounding like 'Oh high, yeah'.